WHAT do Pavlov’s dogs and Frankie Howerd’s trousers have in common?

Find out, possibly, or possibly not, with a show called Robert Newman’s Total Eclipse of Descartes at Worcester’s Huntingdon Hall.

A spokesman said: “In a world gone crazy, can philosophy help? This sparklingly brilliant new show tries to give you the answer.

“Rob Newman, the stand up legend, best-selling novelist and BBC Audio Drama Award 2017 Winner, attempts to piece together a philosophy for our troubled times by sifting through 3,000 years of thought: from Pythagoras to Artificial Intelligence by way of Pavlov’s dogs, Jane Goodall’s chimpanzees and Frankie Howerd’s trousers.”

The key, perhaps, will be that pair of strides.

The spokesman added: “Born in 1964 in Hertfordshire, Newman found success as an impressionist with David Baddiel, Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt in the BBC radio and TV programme The Mary Whitehouse Experience.”

Robert Newman is onstage on Wednesday, October 17. The box office nu,ber is 01905 611427.