AN AWARD-winning film will premiere in the Worcestershire town where it was shot this weekend.

The Wasting, which features famous actress Lauren McQueen, will be shown for the first time in England at Memorial Hall, in Upton, on Saturday.

The movie was filmed in the town and the surrounding areas in 2015 and won the best horror award in the Austrian Film Festival last year.

Town councillor Rosemary Webb said members of the film’s production team visited Upton in 2014 in search of a location for the movie.

She added: “Two of Carolyn Saunders’ [the writer and director] colleagues were nosing around Upton.

“We met them and asked if we could help. There are so many suitable buildings here that could be haunted.

“They shot in the malt house on the waterside and other buildings on the river. They are all 500 or 600-years-old.

“It’s a proper feature film. I think it’s terrific for the town, it aroused so much interest and brought out the community.

“We are not used to being involved in making a film, it was madness.

“A lot of people helped, one person lent a guitar to them. Mercia Inshore Search and Rescue lent them an ambulance.”

The film focuses on a teenager in an idyllic English town, whose parents refuse to let her grow up.

The girl rebels against her parents by not eating, however she soon starts seeing a nightmarish ghost, which may be real or a deadly creation of her starving body.

Explaining her inspiration for the film, Ms Saunders said: “I have written many hours of television documentary about the paranormal, so I’ve heard a lot of great stories.

“But then I met a young woman who told me the most riveting tale yet - her own story of being anorexic and under attack night after night by a ghostly hag that may or may not have been of her own making.”

The Canadian director will be available at the premiere, in Memorial Hall, from 6.15pm, with doors opening to the general public at 7pm.

You can also buy tickets from the launderette in New Street, Upton, or at the Memorial Hall, prior to the event.

Proceeds from the film will go towards the mental health charity Young Minds.