A WORCESTER butcher whose hobby helped turn him into a global sensation has overcome tough competition from celebrity chefs to land two prestigious awards.

Scott Rea, who has been a butcher for 28 years, has won two awards at The Eat Game Awards.

The Scott Rea Project videos have amassed nearly 30million views worldwide with fans enjoying his traditional butchery tutorials.

On Tuesday night the 46-year-old attended the awards dinner and ceremony, held at Boisdale, Canary Wharf, which was hosted by Adam Henson, farmer and television presenter, alongside JB Gill, William Sitwell, Rose Prince and Mark Hix.

Awards were voted for by the public, and Mr Rea received support from city residents to help him take the coveted prizes for best butcher and game hero.

Mr Rea called the game hero award "the biggie" as he beat four celebrity and television chefs, including Jamie Oliver, to win.

Mr Rea said: "The most surreal moment on the night was when they were reading out the names of the runners up, and they said at number two was James Martin, and then number one Scott Rea.

"I'm just a Worcester boy done good. I had a best selling book, Ahead of the Game, The Catcher and the Rea, which I wrote with Simon Whitehead, and the youtube channel has had millions of views.

"It has just gone stratospheric this past year."

Mr Rea added that the words from the organisers were "Scott had an absolutely overwhelming amount of votes" and this was due to everyone who backed him, thanking them for their support.

To see his videos log on to youtube.com/user/TheScottReaproject.