A FORMER MP has posted a photo of three dead badgers that he said were dumped in woodland off the side of a road.

Mike Foster, former MP for Worcester described it as a wildlife crime, pointing out that badgers are a protected species. He said: “From my point of view the fact that there are three of them so close together rules out accidental death. Someone has committed an illegal act. They have decided to kill them and have disposed of the evidence.”

Mr Foster’s wife was walking their dog nearby when she found the badgers in some land, off a country lane outside Sandlin, just off the Suckley Road near Leigh Sinton.

Mr Foster, who opposes culling badgers, believes badgers have become a ‘target’ as they can infect cattle with TB:.

He said: “The vast majority of wildlife crimes in the UK are around badgers.

"Other animals can carry TB, and there is significant evidence suggesting there are other ways to control TB,” he said.