AN arsonist set fire to a Worcester pub attempting to endanger the landlord's life because of a grievance against him.

Sasha Bailey-Dean tried to cause a fire by stuffing paper through a letterbox after saying landlord Edward Marshall had hurt her.

She admitted arson with intent to endanger the life of landlord Mr Marshall at the pub in Upper Tything, Worcester.

The 37-year-old of Somers Road, Barbourne, Worcester pleaded guilty at Worcester Crown Court.

The arson attack happened on September 10.

A series of texts Bailey-Dean had sent to Mr Marshall were read out by the prosecutor, Giles Nelson.

In one text she wrote: "I will torch the whole place and won't care if you're in it. You hurt me, I hurt you."

Mr Marshall texted: "I have had enough Sasha, no more texts."

Bailey-Dean texted Mr Marshall that she had set fire to the pub and wrote 'I will do it again' and 'show this to the police, I'm past caring'.

Mr Nelson said Bailey-Dean had admitted 'an extremely serious charge' and, after being granted bail, had had 'further threatening contact towards the person in the case'.

Gary Harper, defending, applied for a psychiatric report to be prepared before Bailey-Dean is sentenced, telling the judge she had borderline personality disorder and had previously been admitted to hospital as an inpatient.

He said she had a history of suicidal thoughts and self-harm and was under the care of a mental health team at Studdert Kennedy House in Worcester which saw her once a week.

He said the only reason she had contacted Mr Marshall after the arson, breaching her bail conditions, was because he had contacted her and she was responding to his text message.

The defendant is in the second week of a degree course at the University of Birmingham.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright said 'in her mind she had a grievance against him'.

He added: "Sasha Bailey-Dean has admitted arson with intent to endanger life. The life in question is that of Edward Marshall who is the landlord of the Cap 'n' Gown pub.

"The real risk is to Edward Marshall and not to the general public."

Judge Cartwright said he would bail Sasha Bailey-Dean to an address in High Street, Broadway once the police had confirmed the address was acceptable to the person living there, understood to be a friend of the defendant.

The judge also placed her on an electronically monitored daily curfew between 7pm and 6am as part of her bail.

Bailey-Dean must not to travel west of the M5 or further north unless it be to attend court hearings or her solicitor's office by prior appointment.

Further conditions stipulate she must not contact Edward Marshall directly or indirectly by any means whatsoever and must co-operate with the probation service and psychiatrists in the preparation of reports before she is sentenced.

The sentencing hearing is scheduled to take place on Friday, November 23.

Mr Marshall, speaking after the hearing, said he did not wish to comment at this stage of the case.