TWO sisters who tied the knot in a joint ceremony 50 years ago are celebrating their golden wedding today.

Doreen Sampson, aged 70, and Jackie Lisseman, aged 68, (both nee Bradley) married Ian Sampson, known as Sam, and Clive Lisseman, at St John’s Church, Storridge, on October 12 1968.

Jackie’s Chihuahua Tinker donned a white satin coat with red buttons for the occasion.

The reception served only champagne and the blushing brides forgot their bouquets, until later in the day.

The couples went on honeymoon together to Paris, they go shopping together and have lived next door to each other for most of their lives - seeing each other every day.

When they first married they lived in Malvern, two miles apart. They then moved to Bosbury Road, Cradley.

In 1981 they both moved to West Malvern Road where they lived until January this year, when Jackie and Clive moved to Grit Lane, Malvern.

Doreen said: “We are always with each other – every day. We are very close – you cannot get anyone closer than me and my sister.

“We always get on – we never have any problems. Sometimes we have differences of opinion – like everyone does.

“We all four get along very well together. We always go out to different places together. We are always there for each other if we are in trouble or upset.

“We were close with our parents too. Both of us used to look after my mum (Olive) and dad. We would go and see them every day – we would always do it together.

She added: “My father Albert Bradley built our houses next door to each other in West Malvern Road.

“We always borrow things from each other – an egg or a cup of sugar. We have always been very close.”

Doreen met Sam, now aged 71, at The Cellars coffee bar in Worcester. He was a toolmaker and she worked at her mother’s typing agency, alongside her sister Doreen.

When asked the secret to a happy marriage, Doreen said: “We just get on. We have just lived our lives – we haven’t done anything special.”

Jackie met Clive, now aged 75, when she moved to Malvern. He was a Ministry of Aviation chauffeur.

Speaking on the joint wedding, Jackie said: “I don’t know really know how it came about. My sister hoped to get my mum and dad’s wedding anniversary as the date.”

Speaking about her special bond with Doreen, Jackie said: “We have had a good life. We are really lucky to have what we have.”

When asked the secret to a happy marriage, Jackie said: “We have spent a lot of time laughing and joking, just getting on with our lives.”

The couples will be joined by their sister Roberta, known as Bobbie, and family for a celebratory meal out at the The Retreat, Norton, Worcester.

The Sampsons have three children and four grandchildren and the Lissemans have two children and three grandchildren.